Litecup Baby - Cool Grey

The only non-spill baby and toddler cup that lights up in the dark. Litecup Baby holds 200ml of any cool still liquid. 

Litecup Baby comes with removable handles for easy grip and a security ribbon with clip for fastening on to buggy or high-chair straps. 

The Litebase is light sensitive, coming on automatically in the dark. It emits a soft atmospheric glow. The Litebase can be removed with any blunt object (such as a spoon) prior to washing. 

The patented 360° spill resistant rim allows the child to drink from anywhere around the edge, saving the need for spouts or straws. Litecup Baby is recommended by dentists as kinder to the oral health of growing infants. The free-flow valve is made from medical grade silicone and is BPA free.

Litecup Baby can easily be taken apart and all parts (except the security ribbon, clip and Litebase) can be put in the dishwasher. We recommend removing the ribbon if leaving the cup with a child at night.

Suitable from 4 months upwards (or as soon as your little one can grip the handles and sip).

Available in 7 colours: Frozen Blue, Uber Blue, Neon Green, Lilac, Cool Grey, Coral and Glitter Pink.

Why Litecup?

• Patented non spill valve

• Dishwasher safe - when Litebase is removed

• The cup rim supports bottle/beaker to cup transition - perfect for weaning

• 360 cup edge - drink from anywhere round the rim

• Free flow natural drinking started by a small suck

• Light sensitive - lights up automatically in the dark and goes off in the light - no need to worry about turning it on or off

• Night-light can be manually switched off to save battery life

• Meets all European and FDA guidelines for foodsafe plastics

• Suitable for all non fizzy, cold drinks

• BPA and latex free

* Litecup 330 ml

* Little Litecup 220ml

* LitecupBaby 200ml

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