usage and care instructions for litecup - no spill sippy cup

care instructions for litecup:

  • litecup should always be washed before first use
  • litecup is BPA and latex free
  • litecup meets all European and FDA guidelines for food safe plastics and carries the CE mark
  • litecup is not designed for hot or fizzy drinks
  • litecup should not be placed in a microwave
  • dispose of product at first sign of damage or weakness

usage instructions for litecup:

  1. Insert a coin into the slot on the underside of the litebase
  2. Twist the switch to the "on" position, indicated by a small point in line with the coin slot
  3. The ligtebase is now on.
Please note - Litecup is light sensitive - the light turns on in dim light and off in bright light. 

drinking from Litecup:

no spill drinking is easy, just a little suck and the liquid starts flowing!

Litecup - Toddler Cup


  1. click out the light unit (which contains the battery and bulb) from the base of the cup with your thumb or a blunt instrument such as a spoon. the light unit can be cleaned by wiping with a damp cloth.
  2. twist off cap
  3. push out the middle section of the cap from underneath
  4. the cup and cap pieces can be placed in the top rack of a dishwaher or washed in warm soapy water by hand
Litecup Image


  1. click the light unit back into the bottom of the cup
  2. fit the silicone ring around the top edge of the centre circle of the lid. The silicone ring should extend up and out from the inner circle creating a smooth bowl shape
  3. click this back into the cap outer ring by pushing down in the middle
  4. twist on the cap
Reassembly Image


  1. the light sensitive unit turns on in dim light and off in bright light
  2. the nightlight can be turned on or off by using a coin to twist to on/off
  3. the nightlight will only light up in dim light in order to save on battery life
Reassembly Image

changing the battery:

  1. remove litebase from cup (using a spoon or blunt object)
  2. remove the safety screw on the bottom face of the litebase 
  3. twist the switch with coin or spoon handle aligning the pointer to the screw hole
  4. the battery compartment will now release from the main body of the litebase
  5. replace with a new CR2032 battery + side up
  6. put cover back on and turn to off position
  7. replace safety screw
Does your cup look different? If you would like to change the battery on an old model litecup - find instructions here.

litecup is a safe product, designed by And Design to aid independent drinking. However, it’s incumbent on parents to decide whether it’s appropriate to leave their child unattended with a litecup.

 litecup is not a toy. And Design cannot be held responsible for any accidents that may happen if a child is left unattended with a litecup.