Halloween goodies or baddies?

October 28, 2015

With Halloween looming many parents' minds will turn to one thing … will my child sleep at all (or brush their candy-filled teeth)!

The 5 true horrors of Halloween and how to survive them

1. Pumpkin carving

Determined toddlers brandishing knives = no-ones favourite combination. Buy special pumpkin carving kits from supermarkets and download free templates https://www.tescoliving.com/articles/10-free-pumpkin-carving-templates

2. Sweets

Baby-wipes at the ready for the sticky-fingered face-painted ghouls approaching your cream couch. It’s easy to forget our old frenemy caffeine is hiding in all those chocolate bars, while sugar is raising the blood sugar levels of our mini monsters, triggering a release of insulin, making it tricky to dose-off. Sneak in a warm bath and not-so-spooky bedtime book to take the edge off.

3. Trick-or-treaters

The frantic knocking or ringing – the dread when that last candy is snatched from the bowl. Top tip: place a barrel of sweets outside your front door with a sign telling the hopefuls to help themselves and not to ring/knock!

4. Fireworks

These can have a two-pronged attack. Some children will want to stay up late to watch every last one. While some kids (and pets) are absolutely petrified. Pulled curtains and music will be your friends.

5. Being spooked

They’ve got all dressed up as a “skelington” or witch and hit the streets scrounging for sweets; maybe you have too?! But when they see their first truly sensational Halloween front-yard display will they run for the hills? Witnessing mobs of teens dressed as the un-dead may not be conducive to a good night’s sleep. Hit the trail early and finish the party indoors before the 'big-kids' hit the trail.

We’ll be heading out into the dark of night with our little horrors and digging out our own Halloween soundtrack to drown out the last of the trick-or-treaters!

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