Little Litecup

Little Litecup is a unique non-spill sippy cup with integrated night light - it’s a new kind of toddler beaker!

perfect for independent mess free drinking the patented circular valve allows free flow drinking from a cup edge whilst preventing tips and spills. the cup edge supports the bottle to cup transition and means there are no fiddly straws or spouts to clean. 

the cup includes a light sensitive LED light unit that sits in the base of the cup and makes the cup glow gently at night providing a comforting nightlight and ensuring your child will always find their drink. hopefully giving them one less reason to wake you up!

the clean and fun design works for anyone from 6 months up. Little Litecup will hold 220ml of any cool non-fizzy drink.

light and robust enough for use all day every day -  Litecup is perfect for use as a travel cup for day trips, holidays or camping and for keeping by the cot or bed.


uber blue
frozen blue
glitter pink
royal red
the colour purple
neon green

If you’re buying from the UK please visit Hippychick
If you’re buying from Australia please visit litecup Australia
If you’re buying from the United States please visit litecup USA
If you’re buying from Spain please visit babymims

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